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With the RS 485 Network, one terminal can serve up to 15 MAS MATCH-II(-4) boxes and/or MAS MICRO-II recorders. Therefore, from a full Network of MATCH-II boxes, one terminal can monitor up to 15 x 2 channels = 30 channels, or up to 60 channels for a MICRO-II-4 Network. When using MICRO-II recorders up to 300 channels can be under the control of one single terminal. The Network cabling also provides the power supply for the MATCH-II and MATCH-II-4 boxes in the Network. This means that only one cable is required to operate the boxes, which significantly simplifies the wiring. The Network can be expanded at any time by additional boxes or recorders. The additional units are detected by their ID-Number and are integrated into the Network without changes needed to the software.

Any possible combination of MATCH-II, MATCH-II-4 boxes and MICRO-II recorders in one Network is allowed – up to a total of 15 units. In total more than 100 meters of cable is allowed. The commands “Start”, “Pause”, “Transfer” and “Clear” can be sent from the terminal to control simultaneous all units connected to the Network. Of course, single units can also be adressed individually. The boxes within the Network continue to perform all measurement functions fully autonomously and store the results in their on-board memory. The communication with any box in the Network does not effect the measuring functions of any other box. The connection to the PC is made via an USB-RS 485 converter, which is housed in a rugged aluminium casing.