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Typical Applications

  • Check load assumptions for front and main landing gear
  • Check of load assumption for wings and structure of aircraft in special missions (display of target)
  • Check of strain and moment
  • Life time monitoring power plant and structure to adapt inspection intervals, to increase system safety and to extend lifetime
  • Check load assumptions for front and main landing gear, taileron loads at particular load cases
  • Bending and torsion moments, oil temperature
  • Analysis of increased propeller vibration loads at cross wind
  • Load assumption checks for aircrafts on special missions (instruction)

Over a period of approximately 6 months, between scheduled air services, the loads in the aircraft body and front and main landing gear were continuously monitored. Of particular interest were the loads at take-off and landing for subsequent comparison with specific fracture tests. The SQTMS evaluation method is ideal for such a monitoring, allowing a Rainflow to be created off-line. Further examples of suitable items to be subjected to monitoring are the wings, tail, internal cabin pressure and miscellaneous displays. With propeller-driven aircraft increased propeller loads due to crosswinds can be analysed – both on the ground and in the air.