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Fork lifting Truck


Recorder: MICRO
Evaluation Method: Transient Mode (TM) & Rainflow (RF)
Channels: Twenty
Duration: Long time measurement
Special: Data transfer via Remote Link

A manufacturer of fork lifter trucks used a 20 channel MICRO-II recorder to determine the customer’s usage of fork lifter trucks. Measurements included motor speed velocity, lifting height and angle of the fork etc. Subsequently the data measured during internal tests were correlated with stress data measured under the customer’s real operating conditions. After a short period measurement of 20 minutes followed a long term measurement (using RF + TaL) performed over several days. A further long term 180 hours test of a fork lift truck was carried out on a standardised test course, under defined conditions where the stress data were measured with two strain gauges at the fork. This test provided information about the overall stress on the for lifter trucks.