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Recorder: MICRO-II
Evaluation Method: Rainflow (RF) & Transient Mode (TM) & Time at Level (TaL)
Channels: 20 measuring, 10 virtual
Duration: Several months
Object: Chassis
Purpose: Verification of design and engineering improvements

Special Feature: Simultaneous recording of GPS data; automatic data retrieval via Remote Link; online evaluation of suspension clamping

Tram routes in different locations have different effects on the stress loads on the chassis of similar trams. City centre routes with many close lanes and tight curves generate different stresses to suburban routes or routes in modern large cities with new traffic infrastructure SWIFT’s MICRO-II recorder with 20 measurement and 10 virtual channels using the RF and TaL evaluation methods can characterise the stress loads from a particular route. In connection with the stored position measurements from GPS satellites, the locations generating particularly high stress loads can be identified. Automated read-out of the measurement data by Automatic Data Transfer and the Remote Link option, as well as the on-line calculation of the force absorption by springs / shock absorbers are further special features.