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Snow Cat


Recorder: MICRO-II
Evaluation Method: Rainflow (RF) & Time at Level (TaL)
Channels: Four
Duration: 4 weeks
Object: Chassis
Purpose: Improving the resistance of the bodywork

Special Feature: Retrieval of collected data via Remote Link; extreme environmental conditions (-20°C, 3000m above sea level)

The knowledge of the chassis loads on vehicles – commercial as well as special vehicles – is becoming increasingly important. To determine the stress and pressure of a Snowcat, the vehicle was equipped with a MICRO-II recorder. The Snowcat is used throughout the year on a 3000 m high glacier and was continuously monitored over a 4 week period., with the data being evaluated via the RF and TaL methods and then being transferred via Remote Link. These data formed the basis for the further development of the chassis technology and stiffness.