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Test Bench


Recorder: MATCH-II
Evaluation Method: Rainflow (RF) & Time at Level (TaL)
Channels: Two
Duration: Several years
Object: High pressure fuel injectors
Purpose: Monitoring of the required testing load

Special Feature: Network connection of several recorders to provide up to 20 measurement channels, with a sampling rate of 10kHz

Modern common-rail diesel engines make high demands of the precision of the injection pressure and timing. Through parallel operation of a recorder operation of a recorder with a system for set point functions, the performance of the central electronics for a test bench motor can be monitored. The same function is possible using the methods RF and SQTMS evaluation methods. From the recorder measurements, pressure excesses or shortfall and therefore incorrect behaviour can be identified. To meet the quality assurance criteria, regular routine testing of standard parts are required during various manufacturing stages. These parts are tested with a pre-defined load cycle sequence on the test bench. The acceptance of the test results depends on the correct load cycles and hence on the exact regulation of the testing machine itself. Therefore various manufacturers use MAS MATCH-II boxes with their test benches for additional accuracy. The recorded test sequence can be stored as a single Rainflow matrix, allowing simple and fast validation. Also the small data volume can be stored for later analysis with out major efforts.