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Lynx Helicopter


Recorder: AIDA
Evaluation Method: Sequentiel Peaks and Troughs with Time and Master/Slave concept (SQTMS)
Channels: Twenty
Duration: Permanent use in every helicopter in a fleet
Object: Lynx Helicopter in operational service
Purpose: Reducing the maintenance intervals; increasing security and lifetime

Special Features: Customised recorder software

A 20 channel Micro-II-MIL was used to perform comprehensive measurements for life monitoring of rotor drive and structure for optimisation of the inspection intervals, increased safety, life span extension and estimation. Additionally, the MICRO-II-MIL recorder incorporates an acoustic signal to warn of rotor over speed. The statistical on-line calculation and classification procedure SQTMS contributes considerably to the data reduction. At the rotor, engine and primary structure, the bending and torque, as well as the oil temperature are recorded. By the employment of the most modern and “more intelligent” software, statistical statements regarding event couplings can be made.