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The latest MAS MATCH-II-XDV Recorder, a powerful, directly recording, and self-governed data recording system in 2 – 8 channels version, is now available.

The MAS MATCH-II-XDV features a number of technical innovations.

The most important characteristics of the new MAS MATCH-II-XDV Recorder are listed below:

  • Sampling rate up to 2000Hz per channel
  • Software-adjustable measurement range of each analog input from ±1mV to ±10V
  • Direct connection of strain gauges full bridges and half bridges including of stabilised 5V supply
  • Internal 350Ohm quarter bridge supplement resistors (other values on request)
  • 100Hz low-pass filter of 4th order (other values on request)
    2 digital inputs
  • Exchangeable data memory (SD, SDHC, MMC) up to 32 Gigabyte

The following items are optionally available:

The MAS MATCH-II-XDV Recorder stores the measured data directly in the inserted memory card (SD, SDHC, MMC). The measured data can instantly be visualised from the memory card with Diadem or other Diadem-compatible software, e.g. with Flexpro.

In connection with our innovative software analysis tools, fatigue life estimations and damage calculations can be made easily and cost effective!