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CAN-Bus Option

SWIFT CAN-Bus-Option

The Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus interface is becoming more widely used – in particular, it has become an accepted standard within the automobile industry. In response to this trend, a new CAN-Bus option is available for the MAS MICRO-II recorder. With this option the recorder connects to a CAN-Bus and allows extraction of almost all transmitted data. The MAS MICRO-II recorder is extended by up to 20 analog channels and up to 4 groups of 4 digital CAN channels. The analogue CAN channels are treated like any other real analogue channel of the recorder. They can be used as input for virtual channels (requires the software “Virtual Analogue Channel”) and be analysed according to all available evaluation methods. Individual data bits can be masked off by a user defined bit mask. The digital channels are used to separate individual bits from the CAN data, which can be used as trigger for the TM-method, as control signal for TaLnD and as signal input of the virtual channels. The CAN-Bus option is also available for the new MAS MATCH-II-ADV.

Second CAN-BUS-Connection

This option enables collection of measurement data transmitted via a second CAN-BUS connection. The communication parameters can be adjusted for both connections independently.

Please, note that this option acquires additional hardware components.

Multiplex CAN-BUS

This option allows the independent processing of different CAN-Bus data which is transmitted in the same frame and only distinguished by an additional ID in the data frame. For this purpose a Multiplexer-Byte and the Multiplexer-Index can be specified for each CAN channel.