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Forging Press


Recorder: MATCH-II
Evaluation Method: Rainflow (RF) & Time at Level (TaL)
Channels: Three
Duration: Several years
Purpose: Monitoring of forces during warranty period

Special Feature: Online calculation of a third channel from two measurement points; retrieval of data via Remote Link

Operators of forging presses usually try to “optimise” the use of their machinery. In doing so the forging forces often exceed the limits specified by the manufacturer. Should the press be damaged during the defects liability period due to such repeated abuse, it is still up to the manufacturer to prove the operator’s abuse of the machine. The employment of a MAS MATCH-II box makes it quite easy to prove it now. The forging forces are recorded as Rainflow matrix which allows an accurate identification of the user profile as well as the frequency and extent of abuse. The data can be regularly read out and evaluated via Remote Link, even without visiting the plant.