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Dieses Jahr feiern wir unser 40. Firmenjubiläum.

Bei vielen unserer Kunden können wir mittlerweile auf eine jahrzehntelange konstruktive und erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit zurückschauen.Nach wie vor sind wir eine mittelständische Firma in Familienhand. Deshalb wird ab diesem Jahr die Leitung der Firma von Renate Dickler-Schütz an Mark-Felix Schütz übergeben. Nachdem Renate Dickler-Schütz SWIFT seit fast vier …

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Data Sets

The option Data Sets enables the division of a single measurement into several partial results, so-called data sets. The change of a data set can be triggered by an external digital signal or by means of the Terminal Programme. The data sets are saved either on …

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Automatic Data Transfer

The ADT software is a stand-alone software package that performs the data transfer from MATCH or MICRO Recorder to a PC. The programme is started from the command line. All special functions (e.g. Start, Stop, Clear, etc.) are controlled by command line parameters. Thus, the basic …

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The n-adjust-all function allows the simultaneous offset adjustment of several or all analogue channels. The function is helpful in simplifying the procedure of channel adjustment when offsets for several channels need to be repeatedly adjusted within short time periods.


Damage Calculation (based on Rainflow matrices) The Damage Calculator is an addition to the MAS Terminal Programme for the subsequent (offline) damage calculation based on recorded Rainflow matrices. The result is the damage value which allows for the evaluation of the charged load cycles as to …

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Export to Diadem

This option allows the export of the following software to Diadem: RF – Rainflow  (incl. Level Crossing und Range Pair) TM – Transient Mode TaL – Time at Level SQTMS – Sequential Peaks and Troughs with Time and Master/Slave concept DE – Damage Evolution


With this option the recorder is able to record position data provided by a standard GPS receiver. The position data is stored in addition to any other data evaluation method. The GPS information is provided to the recorder in the standard NMEA0183 format. To reduce the …

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CAN-Bus Option

The Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus interface is becoming more widely used – in particular, it has become an accepted standard within the automobile industry. In response to this trend, a new CAN-Bus option is available for the MAS MICRO-II recorder. With this option the recorder …

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Lynx Helicopter

Recorder: AIDAEvaluation Method: Sequentiel Peaks and Troughs with Time and Master/Slave concept (SQTMS)Channels: TwentyDuration: Permanent use in every helicopter in a fleetObject: Lynx Helicopter in operational servicePurpose: Reducing the maintenance intervals; increasing security and lifetime Special Features: Customised recorder software A 20 channel Micro-II-MIL was used …

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