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With this option the recorder is able to record position data provided by a standard GPS receiver. The position data is stored in addition to any other data evaluation method. The GPS information is provided to the recorder in the standard NMEA0183 format. To reduce the amount of data a new position is only stored, if the recorder determines that the object has moved a user defined minimum distance. Then the actual way point and time are stored. The next way point will be stored not until the object has moved the minimum distance again. Thus, the generated data volume depends on the covered distance only. If the object is standing still or moving very slowly, almost no memory is consumed. Even so the standstill periods and the driving time can be determined exactly by the recorded data. By alteration of the maximum recording interval time and the accuracy of the stored way points the data volume can be adapted in a wide range.

For example, the storage of a distance of 1000km at intervals of 100m needs approximately 30kByte storage space only. On the other hand a way point resolution of less than one meter is supported which is adequate for making full use of the advantages provided by differential GPS (DGPS). The GPS option is applicable world wide. The GPS receiver is connected via the additional serial interface of the DICO module. The actual position can be displayed in the DVM mode at any time. The DICO pre-processes the NMEA0183 formated data and, hence, relieves the main processor significantly, so that the GPS option can be applied together with all other evaluation methods. The recorded GPS data can be exported in the NMEA0183 format or as an ASCII table.

Extensions for the GPS-Recording Software

GPS-Slave-Channels, slave channels for GPS-Datastream – NEW

The standard GPS option provides for saving the time and geographical position per waypoint in the GPS Data Stream. The Slave-Channel-Option allows to record additional (up to four) analogue channels in the GPS Data Stream. Typically this option is used to store route related information like engine temperature, altitude or track speed for later processing. As one set of slave channels is only stored once per waypoint the additional memory consumption – 2Bytes per channel and waypoint– is low.

NMEA0183-(GPS-)Analogue-Channels – NEW

With this option almost any kind of additional data can be filtered out from the sent NMEA0183 data stream. The NMEA0183 channels can be used as normal analogue channels without limitation. The filtered signal may be used as trigger for TM recording or classified according to the available evaluation methods. For instance, recording and classifying the speed over ground or absolute altitude is possible without an additional sensor. In conjunction with the Option “GPS-Slave-Channel” (see above) this option can be applied to record in addition to the longitude and latitude the height per waypoint.

Track View

Dieser Zusatz zum MAS-Terminal-Programm ermöglicht die Darstellung der zurückgelegten Wegstrecke anhand der aufgezeichneten GPS-Daten. In Verbindung mit anderen zeitkorrelierten Aufzeichnungsverfahren wie z.B. TM oder DE, kann einfach zu jedem Zeitpunkt des aufgezeichneten Signals, die Position bestimmt und im Track View dargestellt werden.